SendOutCards Opportunity

This is the SendOutCards Home Business Opportunity
Presented by Steve Schulz (President of Field Operations)

SendOutCards Opportunity

Chances are you've been approached by either a Send Out Cards Distributor to do one of Two things:

1) Use send out card in your existing business to build relationships that stand out and make a difference to your bottom line.


2) To join SendOutCards as a distributor and use it to build a residual income to complement your primary income, and also use Send Out Cards as a vehicle to build relationships that stand out and make a difference to your bottom line.

Or you may have simply stumbled upon this video on the Internet somewhere in your search for any of the following:

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Look what ever you were searching for. We're glad your here. Unlike many other opportunities. This one is simple and has 2 ways to make money.

My SendOutCards Opportunity Story

As a traditional business owner, running a Managed IT Services Company in Houston, I have to constantly reach out to prospects and existing clients to keep a firm and fresh relationship. And like every other business owner out there I was pig headed in that I refused to keep an open mind.

A good friend of mine "Callie Teegardin" who is also a top producer in the SendOutCards Opportunity initially presented SendOutCards, and I refused to take a look.

By pure luck and coincidence I was forced to review the opportunity because Callie approached me to help her with Video Marketing and Webinars. As a result I was forced to review it and I nearly fell OUT of my chair. Because for years I have been doing direct mail marketing to prospect and customers with sales letters that had a less than 1% conversion.

I instantly saw the benefit of using SendOutCards. So I asked Callie, "How Much and What is My Ongoing Commitment" After she explained it all to me. My next question was "How do I reduce my cost of using SoC" as a prospecting tool. In my mind I was already doing approx 500 mailers a month. So it made sense.

Callie proceeded to show me the Send Out Cards Compensation Plan and showed how I could not only reduce my prospecting costs, but how I could also turn it into a revenue stream by introducing my existing customer whom I was already doing business with.

More to the point, she went on by asking me " Neil, would you like for your marketing activities pay for them-self ? " Stupid question really, I mean who in their right mind would say "No I want to pay for my marketing out of my own pocket". She went on to explain the Send Out Card Opportunity in full

Boy did I feel stupid.

"To learn more about the opportunity and how I and Callie can help you succeed in the SendOutCards Opportunity visit us at"

Let's continue shall we...

Send Out Cards Scams or Not

But there was still one last pressing question. I asked Callie "How do you respond to Send Out Cards Scams"

She replied. "It's not a Scam" and proceeded to show me her numbers. Now I was lucky that I know Callie, but you may not really know your referring sponsor so well. Callie was happy to disclose her financial's as it related to Send Out Cards.

After all this I asked Callie about the management team, as every opportunity is only as good as its management team. So she pulled out her iPhone and dialed the cell phone number of Steve Schulz (President of Field Operations). Steve and I had a lengthy chat about all sorts of things related to the SendOutCards Opportunity. Now that was SH*T HOT...

Steve and I discussed marketing and endorsed my desire to market SendOutCarsds my way, which is unusual to say the least in a network marketing company. As they will often tell you to follow the system of approaching 100 people you personally know and doing the grind.

If you know me you'll know I don't do the Grind. I use my brains, I also don't do one-on-one presentations. I'm all about volume and reaching critical mass with marketing. Which resulted in (Still undergoing development)

If you're looking to join SoC, Connect with Callie and/or myself and we'd more than happy to show you the SendOutCards opportunity and the money so to speak.

Look I don't need extra income, but I love this concept and the company, which is why I put together a web site to help not just those in the SendOutCards Opportunity, but anyone from any of the other opportunities withe the automated marketing system being built behind the scenes at

 Send Out Cards Pricing varies depending on your level of commitment and membership. To learn more about pricing complete the form to the right an I'll contact you with your options. Don't worry not going to try to sell you or have you mortgage your first born, just pure information and Q&A
 If you've lost your way, allow us to help point you in the right direction. The SendOutCards Login is right this way.
Well, we like to think we have no competition, but the closest thing to a Send Out Cards Competitor are a few online resources which offer a fraction of what SendOutCards offers. But don't take my work for it. Google it.
Since 2003, when Founder & CEO Kody Bateman founded SendOutCards, SendOutCards has been changing people’s lives one greeting card at a time. SendOutCards has delivered over 100 million cards (and 3 million gifts), making SendOutCards the largest first-class mailing company in the United States and one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world.