If you've been living ''Paycheck to Paycheck'' and are happy to do so. Then please save yourself the trouble of reading this page

If on the other hand you are not happy with your financial situation and are looking to start a home based business to supplement or replace your current income. Then please read this page in full

No skimming, no glancing over. READ IT WORD FOR WORD if you're seeking Financial Independence, with a few short years of effort.

I want to start out by saying, that if you can't, won't and don't have the time to truly read and digest this, then you fall into One of Two categories:

'You're either already wealthy and successful and don't need to read this.'

Or, as is the case more often than not.

'Your not ready for a change in your life.'

If you've ever wondered why some people make it to the top, while others struggle to even get off the ground floors, Then you're not alone. I was one of those people.

Don't get me wrong. I was successful, and financially stable, but there existed road blocks that were holding me back from being on the top end of the ladder.

My story is one of an immigrant who moved from one country to the next in search of fortune. Fame was never any part of my plan. While I did find fortune, I was still being held back.

The experiences I had are not just unique to me. In fact it's like buying a new car. Until you buy the car, you never noticed it. And as soon as you're behind the wheel of you're new car, you start seeing more and more of the same car you just bought. There is a reason why it's more noticeable after you buy it than before.

The same is true for people around you. In society there are 3 category of people as described below:

success-comes-in-cans-not-cants1. The super rich and financially independently wealthy
These are people that leverage other peoples time and money and as a result create more time and money for their enjoyment and pleasure.

These are also the same people that see an opportunity and take the necessary steps to make the most of the opportunities that present them selves.

These are also the same people that don't let the lack of an education be the reason to not do. But make it the reason to want to do and can do.

pay-check-2-pay-check2. Those with money
Believe it or not these are people with great jobs, well educated and hold good positions in both the workplace and society. Yet still not happy. Why? Because they have a J.O.B (Just Over Broke)

These are the people we refer to as living pay check to pay check. These are people that have opportunity and education but never able to identify and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves

choice-not-circumstance-determines-success3. Those that struggle to make ends meet.

These are the unfortunate and poor souls that struggle with the basics of life. Typically not knowing where the next meal will be coming from. Lacking opportunity and education.

These are the same people that if given an opportunity would take the shirt of their back and put it on yours selflessly. Because they know what it mean to need, and want but not have.

The world would be a much better place if this category of people were taught, given opportunity and made a conscious choice to succeed in life. Choice, not circumstances. determines success.

Paying for Success in Your Home Based Business

Yes, you can pay your way to success. Sounds crazy right? But truth be told, its not that crazy at all. In-fact the rich and famous have been doing this for ever.

It's not a new concept or a new secret sauce of any sort. It's a mind set and a way of life. It's an attitude and an approach to getting where you want.

When I say paying for success, I'm not referring to bribery or any of that B.S. Look it's obvious to me and those doing this that, Rich make money in their sleep. Do you?

What if I could introduce you to a whole new way of securing your financial future. What if in a few short years you could be financially independently wealthy without having to worry about a job, or the economy or any of the CRAP we all have seen, witnessed and experienced.

Look I'm not going to blow smoke up some dark hole if you know what I mean, but which of the following two scenarios would you prefer to spend your time and effort on:

Scenario #1 - 95 Percentile Approach
Remember when you were a school going kid just about to enter high-school, and like most parents. Your parents told you that if you study hard and work at getting great grades, that you'll get a great JoB., and build a lucrative career for yourself.

The same job that will make you good money and see you through life. Remember those conversations.

Yeah. I remember those conversations very well. There was just one problem, what my folk never told me was that as time passes. A great JoB is going to equate to nothing more than being 'Just over Broke'.
Meaning money-in on hand and money-out the other hand.But I chose a different path and I'm so glad I did.

So looking back at that time of your life and may be you're still there and just getting into the workforce. But really, you believe all that crap about a great job and building a career.

Don't take my word for it. Just look around you and see how many people that followed the old school way of doing things are successful, wealthy and happy.

You'll be surprised to see that even those with great paying jobs are working pay check to pay check. And staying 'Just over Broke'

Traits of the 95% of the Population:

  1. Like to do the 9 to 5
  2. Like weekends Off to go fishing etc.
  3. Like to chew more than they can bite
  4. Like to be liked and need a sense of approval from others around them
  5. Like to play hard, even if it means charging the old plastic
  6. Hate to work hard, but are forced to do so
  7. Choose to not be different
  8. Choose to not take risks
  9. Choose to listen to people that are not in better shape than them selves
  10. Choose to not make sacrifices for rewards
  11. Choose to get comfortable with their situation to quickly and often without thought
  12. Choose to allow others negativity become their new mindset
  13. Stop dreaming and give up too quickly on past dreams

I know that some of you reading this are going to get upset as I make statements about how people are. The truth is you're upset because it's the truth and the truth often times hurts.


Scenario #2 - 5 Percentile Approach
The rich and successful are so because they did a few thing differently. They did not go with the norm, they took chances and the vast majority had failed miserably before seeing any level of success.

success-has-never-been-a-straigt-lineBut also remember that the reason why these same people who failed many times before, latter saw success is because of something they learned during the times they were failing.

Physiologically there are no differences between the successful and the those that are not seeing any level of success. However the difference is in the mind.

Successful people have a can do, will do attitude. They typically don't care about what people, friends and family have to say about them.

They chug along, they make mistakes, they improve and they stay persistent. This is why they see success.

Another know fact about successful people is that they hang around people that are also successful and in many cases even more so than themselves. Hence the expression 'It not what you know, but who you know'

So if you hang around broke and desperate people, you adopt their way of thinking. However if you hang around successful people, you learn, grow and attract the right people into your life leading you to becoming a member of the 5% club.

Traits of successful people:

  1. Have a can do, will do attitude
  2. Know they need to and have to make sacrifices to see success and are willing, ready and able to do so (Nothing to do with money)
  3. Like to work smart so that they don't have to work hard all their lives
  4. Like to invest rather than charge it
  5. Like to go against the grain
  6. Don't care what friends and family have to say as they are typically not qualified to give advice
  7. Value others around them that are also successful
  8. Never get comfortable and choose to keep pushing (Often associated with GREED, but has more to do with GROWTH and PROGRESS)
  9. Never stop dreaming


Home Based Business Success Comes At a Price.

Successful people pay the price up front. Unsuccessful people never stop paying the price. Success takes courage, requires time and effort. And above all takes action.

So now ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long will you continue to do the same insane things that just doesn't work
  2. How long will you let your family suffer through the hardship that life brings about through no fault of your own
  3. How long can you hold down a job without the fear of being replaced, off-shored, or out-sourced
  4. How long will you be able to support your loved ones if you were to loose your job

Like many Americans, the answer to the above Four simple questions is 'Not Long'. But, again like most Americans, very few will get up, stand up and fight for their right to be successful.

We all deserve to be successful. But only those that go for it and pursue with conviction and determination ever achieve it. Which one are you.

If you're ready to make a change and are willing to be coach-able and approachable with a open mind and willing to develop the traits of successful people. Then don't wait another day. Start today by completing the short form to the right to learn more, and get to the next stage in the process.

If you're a 5%-er in the making. We'll see you on the inside.