Real Estate Solutions For Buyers, Sellers and Investors
Real Estate Solutions For Buyers, Sellers and Investors

Real Estate For Investors

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Real Estate Solutions For Investors

We offer real estate solutions for investors of all experience levels. So whether you’re a passive or an active investor, we all know and understand the risk associated with investing. While most people do not consider them self as investors that they know of, they, in fact, are involved in some form of passive investments such as 401K or a self-directed Roth IRA. Often these types of investments are very passive and require little to no involvement, Most people glance at their statement and may raise, and eyebrow or two or maybe shake their head depending on the results. Sounds familiar right?

While most of these types of investments are subject to the market conditions, and an investor seldom has any control over them, they are not without risk. The question one needs to ask is “Are my investments performing the way they should be?” and the second and probably one the most important questions that never get asked is “should I be looking to diversify my portfolio?”

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio With Real Estate

Jupdi REICO (Real Estate Investment Company) provides opportunities to individuals interested in receiving high yields of return through investing in real estate, and you CAN use the same money that’s in your 401K!

Jupdi REICO evaluates and acquires property consistently that fit our investment formulas. If a property does not fit within our numbers, we don’t buy it. Plain and simple.

Invest In Real Estate With Money From Your 401K

Our investment properties are acquired only after aggressively negotiating the price and terms of the acquisition and are then insured with both Hazard and Title Insurance, providing you piece of mind. We have programs that can utilize the money already in your 401k or IRA’s and will allow your investment returns to grow TAX-FREE. It’s your money, invest it where you want!
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